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**** First FT-bloodtracking qualification ****

March 30th 2013, De Lutte - The Netherlands: we participated in the FT Bloodtracking F test of the Cesky Fousek Club. In total 8 dogs participated (all pointing breeds) in the test. The FT Bloodtracking F test is a track of 500 m long and approximately 24 hrs old.

The starting sequence is always drawn and we got the 4th track, which was part of the morning program. Although I was a bit nervous and Tyler hysterically enthusiastic, we started very well and Tyler was on top of the track! Before we knew it, we were at the end of the track and received the 'two little branches of a pine tree' from the judges: one for the dog and one for the handler, only after you have finished the track succesfully together.

[All pics with kind courtesy of the Cesky Fousek Club NL/Lotte van Dijk]

The feedback of the judges was very descriptive and positive, we were granted with the qualification 'excellent' (92 out of the 100 points)!! Over the moon with this achievement and very proud of Tyler!

Us at the end of the track: totally happy!


*** Very successful 2012 for Tyler's sons & daughters ***

Much to our delight, 2012 turned out to be a very successful year for Tyler's sons and daugthers. We are very proud many of them prove to have both beauty & brains, but most important they all have inherited the lovely temperaments of their parents! 

Tyler's first litter with the beautiful Int Ch Fashion Fad Sirius Nova (Fergie), born 22-03-2011: 

Atrey Forever Hero of DiamWeim (Rey): is multi junior show champion and show champion of Czech. He topped his very successful show year by gaining the TOP Weimaraner 2012 title of Czech Republic!! Rey also proved to be a keen worker: passed all his gundog exams in 1st merit, and also passed the most difficult Allround Exams in 1st merit! He is gaining practical experience on the local shoots and has proven to be a valuable asset aleady.   

Almost Heaven of DiamWeim (Heaven): is junior show champion of Czech, is well on her way to the Show Ch title and gained the 2nd place as Top Weimaraner 2012 of Czech Republic (right behind her broter Rey)! Heaven is showing lots of talent in the field and is trained for the (allround) working exams in 2013. 

Angie Royal Splendour of DiamWeim (Angie): has been showed very successfully as well, winning Junior Bitch multiple times and always gaining the qualification 'excellent'. Angie has successfully passed 3 gundog exams (2 times Autumn exam and one TAN exam) and all in 1st merit!!

Amber the Jewel of DiamWeim (Amber): is not shown as much as the others and mostly trained for the gundog exams in 2013. Amber shows lots of potential in the fields!

Archer a Braveheart of Diam Weim (Luky): has been shown successfully a few times but is mostly taken out on local shoots by his owner and proofs to be a very passionate worker! Luky has passed his TAN exam and will attend more gundog exams in 2013.

Tyler's second litter with the lovely Dutch Ch Pretty Meara of the Grey Noble (Morain), born 14-04-2011:

Smashing Showdiva of the Grey Noble (Evie): has been shown very successfully in The Netherlands and gained the much desirable junior show champion NL title !! On top, Evie achieved her advanced hunting certificate ('KNJV B') and is now being introduced at the local shoots to gain her practical experiences.

Sweetest Shivonne of the Grey Noble (Shiva): is not being shown as often as her litter sister, but is proven to be an equally talented worker! Shiva also achieved her advanced hunting certificate ('KNJV B') and will be back in the 2013 hunting test season for more successes.  

One of the boys (Mac) of this litter has been chosen & destined with a very special task in his life: to become a therapy dog for his owner! To officially be allowed to start his education, his health has been checked and he had to pass certain basic exams. Luckily all went well and Mac is now being fully trained as therapy dog! 

Besides all these wonderful achievements, we're very proud of all Tyler's offspring and hope they will continue to bring joy & love to their families - thank you to all owners for taking such good care of these lovely dogs!!


*** Snow fun in our home town ***

Mid January 2013: we have 10 cm snow in Arnhem and of course that means fun .
The snow delivers a stunning scenery .
Hopefully we will get some more the upcoming days!


**** Tyler & the geese ****

Monday July 9th turned out to be a remarkable day: Tyler retrieved his first fresh (or: just shot) geese . We visited Tyler's daughter Evie, and had a lovely afternoon & evening with her owners Ester & Gerrit. As a surprise for us, Gerrit shot 4 geese for Tyler to retrieve. How lovely is that!! It was his first time ever with warm geese and he did super. Of course he was very excited, but he nicely brought all geese to me : he is an incredible boy!!   

Tyler VERY excited, posing with goose / Tyler retrieved the goose out of the water and brought it to me


*** Bye bye to the showring ***

Saturday June 4th 2011, International Show Neumunster (Germany), Tyler's last show for now - we decided to quit since he has all show titles I can wish for - only to be continued when we have our 2nd little weim boy in our home  (to give him a nice example) somewhere in the future. If one of Tyler's kids in NL will make his/her show debut, we of course will be there: that also might be a reason for me to enroll Tyler in a show
(otherwise he cannot enter the show grounds).

The honor of his last judging was for our favourite judge Mr. Dr. Wilfried Peper . He welcomed us in the ring with the nice words: "What a wonderful closure of a long judging day ". It was extremely hot and we were almost last to be judged..... Luckily our dear friend Leonor Honing joined us to the show, much to Tyler's pleasure  ,  so we had lots of fun!!

Tyler was rewarded with the BOB!!
Not a very impressive accomplishment, since we were the only weimaraner participating ! Unfortunately they changed the judge for the Group 7 judging . It is always a pity to come to the conclusion that some judges clearly do not understand how a weimaraner should be built and should look like 'on the move'. 

So: bye bye for now, we'll see each other for sure again in the showring somewhere in the future 

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