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(Newdays Pride of the Grey Noble)
Sept 2006 - May 2013

Tyler during a gundog test (picture by Ad Ordelman)

In May 2013 Tyler unexpectedly passed away.
We were only granted the pleasure of sharing Tyler's life for 6.5 years.

We picked Tyler up at seven weeks old at the Grey Noble Kennel in the North of The Netherlands. A little stubborn man who screamed loudly halfway our way home to finally (exhausted) fall asleep on my lap. This little chap was my introduction in the breed and changed my life. 

He grew into a very handsome dog, who loved to work for me and turned out to have a bomb proof character! In all these years he never fought with another dog: guess his very self-assured & balanced attitude was enough to change the minds of other "not-so-balanced" individuals....

Tyler developed as a true HPR allrounder: we did fieldwork, bloodtracking, retrieving tests and participated in local shoots. He excelled in all disciplines, and along the way taught me how to grow as a handler. He truly enjoyed working - I have never seen him happier - and loved to join me on long walks.

He also was my introduction to the Championship Show world, in which we were quite successful by gaining many Show Champion titles, including the Int. Full Championship title due to Tyler's work achievements. We were very honored to compete at Crufts (UK), Tyler won his class three years in a row! Allthough we enjoyed our travels to shows (in and outside NL) very much, the showring wasn't - in all honesty - our favourite place to be.

Tyler sired two litters, one in The Netherlands and one in the Czech Republic. It makes me very proud to see his offspring inherited both his beauty & brains, and even more important his very balanced temperament!

The bond I had with Tyler is something I cannot explain, guess it is a once in a liftetime experience. He left a huge hole when he passed away.... I am hopefull that somewhere in the future he will grant me the gift of his son.

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